NJCC Publishes the ChangeBuilders Handbook

The expertise found across our NJ Campus Compact member campuses is staggering. Practitioners with decades of experience are working with EngagedNJ to share knowledge, tools, processes, practices, and stories of engagement so as to raise all boats and see a wave of replication take place. This will increase community impact and the overall number of engaged students right across the garden state. Much of this expertise was captured and compiled in the newly published Changebuilders Handbook by New Jersey Campus Compact. The handbook is a perfect resource for community engagement coordinators and will be used by NJCC is our 2018 Changebuilders project set to begin on ten+ campuses across New Jersey in 2018. The Changebuilders mission is to dramatically increase opportunities for college-going millennials to demonstrate excellence while engaging with and volunteering in communities, thereby enabling them to make a difference in their local communities as Changebuilders.


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