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Campus Compact Civic Action Plan

The Replication Agenda

Professional Development Meetings and Webinars

Recognizing Great Work

Campus Compact Civic Action Plan

Beyond the work of Changebuilders, New Jersey Campus Compact (NJCC) member campuses are embarking on the most ambitious campaign yet to deliver on the promise of civic action. In 2016, a total of 13 NJ presidents and chancellors signed the Campus Compact Presidents’ Action Statement, thereby committing to “deepen higher education’s engagement for the public good. The statement commits campuses to taking concrete steps to advance student civic learning and contribute to a more just, equitable, and sustainable democratic future”. Each signatory committed to producing and delivering on a Civic Action Plan. Below are the NJ signatory institutions, along with some staggering data points from these engaged colleges and universities that represent the growth of the civic engagement movement,
and finally the links to their Civic Action Plans.


Signatories of the Campus Compact Presidents’ Action Statement

1. Harvey Kesselman, President, Stockton University:


        • From 30 courses offered just five years ago, (Stockton now runs) an average of            100 courses annually is and sustaining these courses each academic year

• The number of faculty teaching service-learning designated courses has grown from 30 full-time and part-time instructors, to a committed cohort of 60-70 faculty who rotate this responsibility – with 70% of the instructors being full-time tenure-track and/or tenured faculty

• The number of students who contribute to civic engagement through service-learning opportunities has grown since 2011 from 960 students to 2,412 students— or 150%

• During the same period, the number of faculty who are incorporating civic engagement into their classrooms has more than doubled, and the total number of service hours completed is now 55,240 in collaboration with 123 community partners

2. Kathy Waldron, President, William Paterson University
3. Nancy Blattner, President, Caldwell University
4. Steve Rose, President, Passaic County Community College
5. Phoebe Haddon, Chancellor, Rutgers Camden
6. Susan Cole, President, Montclair State University
7. Sue Henderson, President, New Jersey City University
8. Dave Haney, President, Centenary University
9. Richard Edwards, former Chancellor, Rutgers University-New Brunswick
10. Nancy Cantor, Chancellor, Rutgers University-Newark
11. Bobby Gitenstein, President, The College of New Jersey
12. Maryann Baenninger, President, Drew University
13. Greg Dell’Omo, President, Rider University

14. Harvey Kesselman, President, Stockton University  Download here

… more data and plans coming soon!


The Replication Agenda

The expertise found across our Campus Compact member campuses is staggering. Practitioners with decades of experience are working with EngageNJ to share knowledge, tools, processes, practices, and stories of engagement so as to raise all boats and see a wave of replication take place. This will increase community impact and the overall number students that engage across the state.


Much of this expertise was captured and compiled in the Changebuilders Handbook published by New Jersey Campus Compact in 2017. The handbook is a perfect resource for community engagement coordinators and will be used by NJCC in our 2018 Changebuilders project set to begin on ten campuses across New Jersey in 2018. The Changebuilders mission is to dramatically increase opportunities for college-going millennials to demonstrate excellence while engaging with and volunteering in communities, thereby enabling them to make a difference in their local communities as Changebuilders.

A vital piece of the EngageNJ agenda is to use social media to push out much of this expert content so as to draw the largest attention and maximize the uptake of this content. This is the EngageNJ replication agenda.


Professional Development Meetings and Webinars

The number of civic engagement activists on Campus Compact member campuses and at our partner agencies is growing. EngageNJ is offering 15 professional development events and webinars between August 2017 and August 2018, led by a vast network of expert facilitators, and focused on developing a generation of engaged citizens with the skills to thrive in a 21st century workplace right here in New Jersey.

The topics covered will include:


recognizing great work

Goals and outcome targets are important in our work … but so is ensuring that we recognize great work already taking place. The EngageNJ quarterly newsletter that is shared with 300+ professionals in New
Jersey does just that.

Matching millennials commitment to volunteer in NJ communities
Keeping millennials in NJ, especially those with a commitment to raising up communities, is an imperative. New Jersey Campus Compact has secured 5 commitments to date from higher education institutions to provide a 100% match to the education award provided to AmeriCorps members who have served in their communities and wish to return to higher education in New Jersey. This match ranged from $1,500 to $6,000 per returning student. For more information, contact saul@njcampuscompact.org or for more on the research, download this powerpoint.

Sharing the best of NJ higher education civic engagement
In order to recognize and replicate the great work already taking place across higher ed here in New Jersey, the EngageNJ quarterly newsletter that is shared with 300+ professionals in New Jersey has been developed.

We are covering themes that include:

- Community-based/service learning supports for a culture of engagement among faculty

- Stories of students whose trajectories were changed through service, including their development of 21st century workplace skills

- Student and faculty research and projects on FOOD SECURITY