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We are proud to announce our Volunteer Opportunity Fair 2021! We know that our Zones were very popular at our 2020 Conference, so we are delighted that our upcoming VOF will include a full day of these Zones.


Students will have the opportunity to learn about how their volunteerism is actually a pathway – a pathway to a life of greater meaning, a pathway to jobs with meaning, a pathway to volunteer-based opportunities and awards – and in so doing, students will again build their pre-professional network.

  • It connects student volunteers to group volunteer and co-engagement (with professionals) projects
  • It is a great addition to your resume
  • It will help you better determine your career goals 
  • It allows you to develop and refine new skills
  • It makes you more confident 
  • It presents an opportunity to network and meet new people

What are some of the career benefits of volunteering?

Due to COVID-19, we're now engaging nj digitally until further notice so we can do our part to keep our state safe and healthy! 


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Please follow the NJ state guidelines for volunteering found here


For Civic engagement resources in times of Covid 19, feel free to check out: https://compact.org/resource posts/engagement-in-the-time-of-covid-19/


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