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Engage NJ Ambassadors and Interns

Engage NJ is currently looking for student partners to help us with our mission of advancing democracy, creating a network of civically engaged students across the state, and enacting our Thrive and Student Success Series. Either as a volunteer or as a hired intern, students working with Engage NJ will gain valuable professional experience and develop career-ready skills.


Ambassadors are student volunteers who will work with us a minimum of 14 hours across an academic year.

Ambassadors are either nominated for their position or selected by Engage NJ staff. An application must be filled out by all interested students. 


Interns are hired student workers who receive class credit to work with a minimum of 150 across an academic semester. 

Interns will be tasked with work that matches their interests or college major. Students are responsible for ensuring their school will accept the internship for credits. This position is uncompensated. 

For more information or any questions, email

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